I KNOW that the best way to sell a horse is to create some hype and then stand back and let the potential client fall in love- but instead I tell every single one of the horse's bad habits. I also realize that people often want a 17 hand warmblood, but what they need is a quiet appendix. A big part of selling sport horses is creating that 'we are really big time here' environment, and we are way too laid back for that. If you want a high level competition sport horse prospect, we do know a few that are just as fancy as the big breeding farms,... but don't expect a Devon like backdrop or a lot of hype. It just isn't us. The horses below we have in training or had in training. We know of plenty of other horses for sale that we can point you to if nothing below looks like a fit. For the price of a lesson we can go with you to analyze a prospect you are thining of purchasing.


4 year old, Thoroughbred/App Sport horse cross mare. 15.2hands

Super Quiet, super easy, super cute!

Indy is a pretty mare with a fabulous, easy going disposition. She is easy to ride, and easy to sit in all three gaits. Indy does a little of everything with a no fuss, no muss attitude! She jumps, does trail obstacles, rides alone or in company, and will lead the way on a trail ride or follow behind without a care. She is quiet and requires no prep to ride, even after a month off- just get on and go! She gets along with her herd mates, and can live outside easily, but is fine when stalled. Great with dogs (a puppy used her tail to play tug of war and she did not mind one bit.) No bad habits, and has never been lame a day in her life.

Great first horse, pony club, or 4H, or for an amateur getting back into riding. She will be great for hunters, competitive trail, or low level eventing. She would be fun at paper chases and on the trail. I would consider Indy a training level dressage horse, but she already knows leg yield and shoulder in, and is starting haunches in, counter canter, and flying lead changes. Travels well. She has nice ground manners and will ground tie anywhere. It's hard to find something this quiet that can still jump and go cross country. Just a nice pretty, easy to ride, easy to live with horse.

The dressage video was not our best (her toes were long, and we had been doing loose rein riding only for a month) so I wasn't going to post it, but you know what...? For a four year old that only does dressage sporadically, I think it's pretty good!

A steal at $5,000!
Call or text to schedule an appointment.

Peppy Sparks Barbie- SOLD

2007 AQHA Chestnut Mare
Sparkles is easy to handle, fun to ride, comfortable on the end of a rope, and has real eye appeal.
Sparkles was started slowly as a late three year old and has been cross trained in dressage, trail, and everything ranch. She has been used as a heel horse to castrate and tag calves, has done western dressage demonstrations, and has been ridden in clinics to demonstrate basic horsemanship skills, and willingly ground ties for hours when her rider dismounts to help a student.
She is sensitive to the aids and might not handle a beginner rider regularly, but is tolerant enough to occasionally show those riders what lightness and feel is all about.
Sparkles is the grand daughter of Shining Spark, and great grand daughter of Peppy San Badger- a real niche cross in the Quarter Horse breed. She is free of line breeding and has good hard feet. Sound of body and mind.
She is only for sale because my husband is purchasing a taller horse that can take down bigger cows and handle ponying large unruly colts.
Sparkles is catty and quick and could certainly be trained for reining and cutting at the highest level. She can go do ranch work, trail, or western dressage right now.
Call or email today!
Reasonably offered at $5,000

Awesome Dressage Prospect "Max" _ SOLD

6 yo 16.2h big bodied Hanoverian
Handsome, Elastic, Flamboyant mover, Fabulous Personality!!! This horse is the total dressage package!!! Not only does he have the movement of an international level dressage horse, but he has excellent rideability and character. Boyish charm, and boyish good looks. I expect this horse to make it to PSG easily and then carry a different kid to the North American Young Rider Championship each year. Easy to ride, loves to work. Did I mention he can move?? Watch the video... and try not to drool on your key board.
$35,000 and worth every penny

"Adagio" Seriously Cute Registered Morgan Gelding Dressage Prospect-SOLD

4yo 15/15.1 hands
"OMG He is SOOOO Cute!!" is the reaction everyone has to this horse and that is when he is just in his stall. Adagio catches people's attention with his adorable face, pretty movement and curious attitude. The Morgan slogan is "the horse that chooses you" and I can see why- Adagio loves being the center of attention. He was specifically bred for dressage. i personaly do not know much about Morgan bloodlines, but I do know his sire won the dressage world championship at Morgan Nationals. Adagio has the makings of a very quiet horse, but he is 4yo and is still very green and will need a rider with decent leadership for at least the rest of this year. He is a bold horse that wants to see and do everything. He loves walking across bridges, carpets and even the matress. His trainability and 3 great gaits make him a prospect for the upper levels. His freewalk will easily score 8s as he learns to consistently stretch. His trot and canter are both very naturally balanced and for such a young horse he is very easy to sit. Currently schooling training level.
Price will increase with training.

He's on Fire- "Red" SOLD

Red is a red roan AQHA 6 yo 15.3 hand do-it-all kinda guy. He has a nice spin both directions, does Flying Lead Changes, knows all the laterals (leg yeild, shoulder-in, haunches-in, and Half pass), jumps small courses, has three easy to ride gaits, loads, clips, ties anywhere, stands perfect, is a great trail horse, and has learned Spanish walk, bow, and laydown. Red prefers a rider that at least has a clue, but overall is easy to ride, super nice to handle, and the type of horse that surprises you with how awesome he can be. He grows on everyone who works with him and is a favorite with our interns. He is fine alone or in company. br>

Winston SOLD

Awesome Quarter Horse/Belgian cross gelding. 5 years old. About 16 hands. Winston is a remarkably good mover for his breeding and is a very steady eddie. Actually, he is down right bombproof!! He needs a little leadership on the ground or he can get pushy, but over all he is an easy to get along with kinda guy. He goes steady on the bit walk, trot, and canter. He is also fairly bold over fences and has gone foxhunting. Would also be a great first event horse or for use vaulting or giving riding lessons. He LOVES attention and is very sociable. He is playful and loves to check everything out. Winston has a great work ethic and wants to have a job. SOLD

Sorrel Mustang Mare ADOPTED!!

This pony is 2 1/2 years old and about 13.2-3 hands and cute as a button! She is VERY sociable and thinks humans are the greatest thing since baled alfalfa. She let us halter and lead her almost immediatly and even accepts a saddle. She adores being groomed on and has a mane to just die for. She is too young to be ridden now, but if she takes to a rider like she has everything else, she should make a very wonderful kid's pony. I can see her going to hunter shows and bringing home the ribbons. An experienced young rider could probably put the first rides on her.

Big Bay Mustang Mare ADOPTED!!

This mare is about 15 hands now, but is young (2 yo)and big bodied. I wouldn't be surprised if she finishes close to 16 hands. Very sociable and friendly, I secretly want to keep her. (Shh, don't tell!) Her angles are very nice and she has above average intelligence. Could make an excellent performance prospect.

Blue Roan Mustang Mare ADOPTED!!

This timid girl is pretty small now(14.2 ?), but being she is only two years old and long legged, so I think she will finish around 15 hands (these are only guesses though- no way to know for sure!) I don't think she will get the thickness that the bay mare will certainly have. She is very quiet and respectful. Although shy, she is quite interested in people. She is the lowest in the pecking order, but that can be a good thing- she is accustomed to taking orders and is not the type to ever be pushy or in your space. Her face is a thing of beauty and I think she would do just about anything for a person with good fair leadership abilities.

Grey Mustang Gelding ADOPTED!!

Long legged and quite the mover but NEEDS a handler with experience. This 2 year old grey has somthing about him that makes me think there is a lot of potential beyond his flightly overly sensitive character. If you are looking for a challenge, here he is. He has been making good progress and makes a very concious effort to control his emotions, and I can't help but love him for it. We have been putting more time into the mares and not pushing him, so at this point he is still very 'fresh.' His gaits are just fabulous and he will have an awesome extended trot!
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