Most of these are fairly out dated. Please check back as I hope to have new stuff added soon... you know, this decade maybe.

A little of everything in one minute.

Rave and Danee. First time showing third level dressage.

Highlights from the Quentin demonstration. Vaquero, western dressage,...
honestly, we were totally winging it!
I was about, um, 5 months pregnant in this video??

A young TB/Appaloosa cross in basic training. Sold to Hanne.

This video is fairly old, but seems to be a favorite!

Danee's with Rave- liberty, tricks, reining, dresage, and jumping all done sidesaddle!!! I've quit doing the side saddle stuff because I never really found one that fit me and my horse- so our connection here is aweful! But it was fun, and neet to see what all we could actually get done astride!

Mustang demo at PA National Horse Show 2009. Rudy Horsemanship and Next Level Horsemanship teamed up for this fun Mustang Demo!

Mustangs take a bow at PA National Horse Show (short)

Danee and Rave performing their Top Ten freestyle at the 2008 Midwest Mustang Challenge. Return to the homepage
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