Lessons and Services

717-623-3409 Danee's Cell, 717-623-3492 Davin's Cell
Barn address: 81 Huckleberry Rd, Jonestown PA 17038

Don't let our prices fool you- Our services are, without question, some of the best in the industry. Our students see REAL results. You don't need to pay more or travel further because the results you are looking for can be found right here- and that's a promise!

Lessons- We offer lessons here on our excellent lesson horses, or you can haul-in for a lesson on your own horse.
One hour haul-in: $40
Lessons on our horses are limited so please work with us on scheduling.
School master: $80

Basic Board- $425/month We keep horses out as much as possible, but they do have a stall when needed. The horses are handled professionally- they are taught to drop their head to be haltered and unhaltered, will lead with manners, and will not be allowed to act aggressive at feed time. Timid horses will be handled in a way that increases their confidence. All horses on the property will learn rules and manners, which creates a calm pleasant atmosphere for horses and humans alike. If a horse is getting beat up and does not assimilate in a day or two, he will get moved to a different field. If two horses are getting buddy sour, we will change their stall or turn out. If you've had problems with other barns because your horse is not fed his supplements, is handled poorly, or doesn't get turned out enough then you know how frustrating that can be! Keeping a horse here is like having a horse in partial training. He will be handled well, cared for well, and there is always a trainer nearby if you ever need help. We also put blankets on and off, care for minor injuries, etc.

Full Training- $1000/month. Basic board plus 4-5 days a week training. All horses get a basic dressage foundation and trail riding. We accept horses for tune ups, prep for sale or show ring, trick training, etc. A horse's first training is the most important- we require 3 months to start a horse undersaddle unless your horse has great ground manners already. If your horse progresses faster we have no problem sending him home earlier, but we will not rush a horse during such an important stage of training.

Partial Training- $800/month. Basic board plus 1-2 days a week training. Great for riders who can't get to the barn as often as they would like, or when your goals just seem a little too far away. Also great for young horses not yet undersaddle, but needing ground work.

Clinics- Check our schedule for clinics. If you would like to host a clinic call for pricing.

Additional Services are available. (Like braiding, daily care of a major injury, and trailer loading training.) Rates vary depending on situation and time required.

Demonstrations- If your 4H, Pony Club, study group, or equestrian team need some inspiration or a more interesting meeting we may be able to do a lecture or demonstration.

Educational Material- DVD, Audio CD, gift certificates. See products page. More DVDs coming soon!

Davin 717-623-3492 Danee 717-623-3409
Near Lebanon/Harrisburg/Lancaster Pennsylvania
81 Huckleberry Rd, Jonestown PA 17038
Riding Instruction, Classical Dressage Training, Natural Horsemanship
Vaquero, Ranch, Haute Ecole

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