Mrs. Rudy, I just wanted to express my greatest admiration for your work with Unravelled Fate. I only saw about three of the 55 competitors, prior to the selection of the final 10. I did see the entire freestyle portion, though. There were some pretty impressive teams, but I was left speechless by your performance. I was actually on a first date, one that had endless conversation and laughter, but I was silenced by what I saw. I can't even tell you my favorite part of the routine, because every one thing was better when combined with the previous. You two had my vote for number one.
So, from the warmest places in my heart, I thank you for giving that horse a brighter future. I am sure it was quite an accomplishment for you and Unravelled Fate.
I wish you, and your family, the best in all you do.
Most sincerely,
Lane B. of Wisconsin

I thought you did great in Madison. I had followed along with your progress online and was excited to see what Rave and Son would do in Madison. I was really happy that Son was able to come in on Saturday and demonstrate what he could do and that they mentioned that he was having some soreness. Of course, before they could announce this I made sure that all the strangers around me who were whispering about how "that mustang must be too wild" knew what the situation was! Nobody was gonna talk rudely about that sweet horse or your husband if I could help it!
I missed a lot of the in hand portion, but I did catch you and Rave. All of the other trainers I saw had trouble with the feet. When they couldn't get the horse to stand they would spin him around in a circle, seemingly chasing the hoof. I was so impressed that instead of circling your horse around, you calmly asked him to focus on you and move his body towards you. It was very, very impressive how quickly he responded to you. I also loved that you pulled his tail to get him to back up. It was a little something extra that made you stand out in the crowd.
Truth be told, I don't remember much from your riding course. I was thrilled to see someone riding with English tack. I ride dressage and it was nice to see that at least some of the horses were trained from something other than western pleasure or ranch work.
Your finals ride was incredibly impressive. My husband and I were sitting near your jumps and bags. I saw you ask him to move towards the bags once, twice, then shake your head and hop off. That was great. You didn't ignore the cues Rave was giving you and you had every excuse to do so--pressure from the crowd, the judges, the lights, everything. You hopped off and allowed your horse to continue to shine. We (the crowd) went wild with delight that instead of forcing him to fail you allowed him to succeed.
The jumps that Rave made were by far the best I saw all night long. He looked like he understood how to jump and wasn't just throwing his body up and over. Playing with him by running and stopping and running and stopping was a great pressure release for everybody. This is a wild horse, but he is happy to play with a human. He's not being forced to do it, he is loose and could just as easily run off on his own. He was choosing to be with you. That was amazing.
Then, standing in the middle of all that energy with I'm guessing a pounding heart he stood calmly while you remounted and proceeded to make more of the best jumps I saw all night long. He kept his frame, made great transitions for a green horse, and followed your directions with softness surprising in any horse. All of this and his ability to keep it together amid all that craziness showed tremendous potential.
What I will remember from watching you and Rave perform is how you appeared calm and in control and connected with your horse. Instead of pushing the horse to fulfill the plan you had in your mind, you worked with your horse to complete a successful performance. Be proud of what you achieved with Rave in Madison and I hope that this experience brings you continued success in the future!
Katee W. of St. Paul, MN

Hi Danee, It's me, Diane P, from the Midwest horse Fair, the one who gave you the turquoise. Boy you can find anyone on the Internet if you put your mind to it. Well I just couldn't stand it anymore......Did you get your Mustang???? Rave??? I just have to find out if it was a happy ending or not. Let me know, if not you can shoot the piece of turquoise, and I'm very sorry. I think I'm still recovering from this past weekend myself. I hope you all got home OK and I pray everything turned out for the best. Keep in touch.
PS I'm a dressage rider it, it would be fun to meet again one day. I can send pictures of my horse if you'd like.

Hi Danee. My husband and I saw you perform in the mustang challenge in hand on Friday. We were so impressed with you and Rave. It was our first time at the Midwest horse fair. We loved it. I purchased a horse a month ago after a long spell without one. 25 years to be exact. Now our kids are on their own, it is time for me to get back to it. I am extremely rusty and am soaking up every bit of information I can get my hands on. I would love for you to come to Wisconsin and give a clinic on some of your techniques. I will travel to wherever you are having it. Please let me know if there is any more interest in coming to Wisconsin. Thanks alot.
Nancy M.
PS. It struck me what a relationship you had with your mustang. I want that same relationship with my horse.

That is fantastic!!!! I don't know why, but I'm sitting here crying after reading your message about your performance. I would love to see Rave if the opportunity ever comes up. Congratulations! -Jo

Hello, my name is Kayla and i got the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Rave at horse fair this past weekend. I visited your website and am soo happy that you got to keep him. The connection between you two, is the kind of connection I hope to one day have with a horse of my own. So I just wanted to congratulate you and ask how Rave is doing.
Tell him I said hi.
Much love, neighs and whinnies,

Hello Danee I really liked your demo Saturday at the Horse Expo and your Body Awareness DVD. You break things down and make it so clear and simple. You were the best demo I saw at both the Maryland and PA expos. I hope you do more DVD's in the future. Hope to see you at the Celebration in Harrisburg in April.
-Fleta Sokal

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