Danee's Helpful Horsemanship Hints!

Short articles offering clear quick advice on horsemanship.
In Front of the Leg
This article describes why and how to get your horse in front of your leg- no more pedaling a lazy horse!

A Secure Seat
Are you a 'Percher' or a 'Bum rider'?? This article has advice for both.

Response or Reaction?
Increase your horsemanship finesse by getting calm responses to your requests, instead of tense reactions.

Ground Manners
Handling your horse correctly, every day, even for little things, makes a big difference. Learn how here.

Playing Jekyll and Hyde
Knowing when to give your horse a swift correction and when to back off and be friendly is a huge part of horsemanship. Learn how to be Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde at the right time!

The Crooked Rider
Are you crooked in the saddle and don't even know it? Most riders are! Learn how to check and fix crookedness issues in rider and horse.

Favorite Fixes
Got thrush? Halter too big? Sick of ticks? Some of my favorite fixes for common issues are listed here.

Set Riding Goals
In this article I list example goals to help you make goals that are measurable and have a defined time line.

Separation Anxiety and the 50foot Trail Ride
How to turn your nervous nelly into a quiet trail horse.

Full Articles

Articles are available in PDF and plain text format.

The Snobby English Rider and the Ignorant Cowboy in PDF
This article was a favorite at the Horse Expos and multiple people came back for additional coppies!! I'll be honest- I am not quite sure why everyone loves it so much, other than it's true.

The Mustang Challenge (click here for PDF)
A 3 part article written by Danee, telling of Danee's and Davin's journey during the 2008 Midwest Mustang Challenge, originally written for The Paper Horse Magazine.

Soldier's Purple Heart (click here for PDF)
This article appeared in out November 2009 newsletter- shortly after the 2009 Extreme Mustang Makeover. For the competition, trainers from across the United States pick up an untouched mustang, train it for less than 100 days, and then traveled to Tennessee to compete against each other showing off their horse's ground manners and riding skills. Davin named his 3 year old Mustang gelding "Soldier".

Step By Step (click here for PDF)
Danee discusses breaking down your big goals into smaller steps. This article appeared in the January 2009 Issue of The Paper Horse.

I've Never Tried That, Except Those First 100 Times (click here for PDF)
Danee talks about approaching new challenges with the confidence of having done something many times before, and why it's still ok when the end result doesn't happen right away.

The Misconception of "Collection" (click here for PDF)
Daness explains some of the most common confusions about the idea of 'collection'.

Fear is Good. (click here for PDF)
Danee explains how riders can manage their fear.

Hyperflexion: Too Much of a Good Thing (click here for PDF)
What position should your horse's neck be in and why is "behind the vertical" not correct.

Goal Setting.
Danee explains the process she uses to set attainable goals for her own riding.

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